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About the San Diego Paranormal Research Society 

The San Diego Paranormal Research Society is a non-profit and fully-insured paranormal research and investigation team located in San Diego, California.  SDPRS investigates private residences, businesses and historical locales within San Diego County and California and will occasionally travel out-of-state.  The team consists of passionate, caring and dedicated investigators and utilizes a variety of specialized audio, photography, videography, EMF, temperature and other experimental equipment used in paranormal investigations.  SDPRS blends both the spiritual and scientific approach to investigations.  The team also enjoys providing educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about the paranormal and what entails paranormal research and investigation.

SDPRS Mission Statement and Principles

San Diego Paranormal Research Society (SDPRS) is a fully insured, non-profit paranormal investigation team based in San Diego, California.  SDPRS strives to authenticate evidence and document various types of paranormal phenomena through the use of audio, video, photographic and other equipment.  SDPRS is comprised of dedicated and caring individuals who respect client confidentiality, privacy and property.  We have a passion and desire for this field, which is reflected in how we carry out our investigations.

At San Diego Paranormal Research Society we:

  • Listen to client concerns;
  • Approach each investigation with an open mind;
  • Treat every client with respect and dignity;
  • Keep all client and investigation information confidential;
  • Conduct each investigation professionally, ethically and morally;
  • Treat all entities and spirits respectfully;
  • Help clients understand their individual situation;
  • Conduct research pertinent to investigation situation;
  • Refer clients to specialized investigators when necessary;
  • Analyze all data collected thoroughly and in a timely manner;
  • Meet with client to review collected data and possible paranormal
  • Recommend secondary investigation if warranted;
  • Make recommendations for cleansing or exorcising the location

SDPRS Ongoing Investigation Sites

RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

William Heath Davis House, San Diego, CA

Various Private Residences and Business Locations

SDPRS Investigations and Research Projects

To uphold client confidentiality, SDPRS private residence and some business investigations will not be listed.  SDPRS has conducted or will be conducting investigations at the following historical sites:

2010:  Star of India, Cosmopolitan Hotel, RMS Queen Mary, Undisclosed Historical Landmark,

2011: San Pasqual Battlefield, RMS Queen Mary, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Warner Grand Theatre, Rancho Camulos, The White House Restaurant, Casa de Estudillo, William Heath Davis House

2012-2013: Pine Hills Lodge (Julian, California), AVO Theatre (Vista, California), William Heath Davis House, Star of India, Rancho Buena Vista Adobe, Rancho Guajome, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Preston Castle, Armagosa Opera House, Scotty's Castle, Rhyolite, Buckman Springs

2014: Private residences, Rancho Buena Vista Adobe, RMS Queen Mary, Serra Museum, St. Albans Sanatorium, and many more!!

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Booking SDPRS at Your Next Venue

We love to appear and participate in paranormal venues and conferences.  To book the SDPRS team at your next event, please contact Nicole Strickland at or

SDPRS in the Media

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