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The RMS Queen Mary According to H.M. Tomlinson

The Queen Mary was a complete surprise.  There could be no argument with that superior and gracious presence.  Majesty was there, for her lines were beautiful.  Size is but size, but great magnitude is forgotten in nobility and form.

In this immense ship there shows a joy and faith in mechanical power which have transfigured it to beauty.  Her very prow, looking down at an observer with the haughty indifference of the sphinx---the hawse openings are very like eyes, downcast---is superior to questioning.

The Queen Mary is a personality with her own heritage and attributes.  She was born of the science and skill of so many men concerting for a single purpose, and out of tradition and experience reaching so far into the past, that only a skilled examiner may read the signs of her heritage.  She is the result of a world of creative influences.  She belongs to the ways of peace.


My work on the legendary RMS Queen Mary

I have been conducting paranormal investigations of the RMS Queen Mary since the early 2000s.  I have conducted close to 50 investigations of the vessel, in areas all around the ship. Some of my most fascinating and profound personal experiences and evidence of the paranormal have been on this beautiful ship, which is currently berthed in Long Beach, California at Pier J.  I have participated in investigations with several Southern California-based teams, including Southern California Society for Paranormal Research, American Paranormal Research Organization, The Titanic Ghost Club International, San Diego Paranormal Research Society and Ghost Research Society. Without a doubt, the ship is my favorite place to visit in Southern California and one of my favorite places in the entire world.  I visit the Mary quite often, whether it be for sheer tourism or paranormal investigations. 

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A Brief History of the RMS Queen Mary

With a deep-rooted and extensive history, it is no wonder why the RMS Queen Mary is known to be one of the most haunted places in the entire world.  The ship was constructed in 1934, sailed on her first of many sea trials on March 24, 1936 and took her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936.   The Mary was the most luxurious and speediest liner of her time and she had passenger amenities unmatched by any other liner.  Her Cabin Class (1st class), Tourist Class (2nd Class) and Third Class all received the best hospitable service, which was a Cunard tradition.  She remained a luxurious cruise liner, voyaging from Southampton to New York City, until 1939, when she was ordered for requisition to a troopship for World War II. 

On the morning of March 21, 1940, the Mary once again set sail for the sea as a World War II troopship after being idle at Pier 90 in NYC for six months.  For the next six years, the Mary was utilized for World War II duties of troopship carrier and G.I. Shuttle carrier.  Additionally, she also became a medical liner transporting injured soldiers to the United Kingdom; after the end of World War II, she continued with her repatriation duties and carried war brides and their children for six months.  On September 29, 1946, the Mary arrived in Southampton from Halifax, which signaled the end of her wartime duties. 

From July of 1946 to December of 1967, the Mary resumed her luxury cruise travel days.  Her last 1,001 voyage of 39 days was put to an end when she sailed into Long Beach, signaling the end of her sailing career.  The ship was officially handed over to Long Beach on December 11, 1967.  She underwent refurbishments and renovations to make way for her new career:  that of a 365-room hotel, museum and tourist attraction.  Today, the Mary sees approximately 1,000,000 visitors each year who come to pay homage to the stately vessel.

Former RMS Queen Mary psychic and resident paranormal investigator, Peter James, claimed that the ship holds an excess of 600 specters.

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A short video about the legendary RMS Queen Mary

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Popular Ghosts and Types of Hauntings

The most common and talked about specters of the RMS Queen Mary include:

Jackie (the talkative ghost child of the Mary), Jonathan Pedder (a former crewman who died from wounds obtained in engine room watertight door #13), William Eric Stark (senior second officer who succumbed after drinking Tetrachloride, mistaking it for gin), The Lady in White, The Blue Boy (a curly-haired toddler who appears wearing blue), former captains, engine room and boiler room workers, former passengers, former World War II soldiers, among many others.

The common types of hauntings on the Mary include:

Residual or psychic imprints, intelligent, historical, poltergeist or PK, waking dreams/hynagogia, time slips, interdimensional hauntings, portal hauntings, time period hauntings, etc.

Evidence of the Paranormal: Communicating with Spirits aboard the Queen Mary

Over the years, I, along with my colleagues, have been able to capture some spine-tingling ghostly evidence from the Queen Mary.  To view and listen to electronic voice phenomena (EVP), Disembodied Voices (AVP), instrumental transcommunication (ITC), photography and video clips, please visit: