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Paranormal Investigation Courses

  1. Please send an email to
  2. Indicate what class or presentation you’re interested in and why you’re interested in registering for it.
  3. Classes are booked on an "as-need" basis. It is preferable to book at least a week in advance.
  4. Each class costs $20.00 per person.Cash only. RSVP mandatory
  5. Classes and presentations will typically be conducted in San Diego.
  6. Accepted form of payment is cash only, which will need to be paid at the door.
  7. Please notify SDPRS at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel for any reason.

We like to hold classes that are interactive, as we take class attendees to certain areas and locations in San Diego for interactive instruction on proper EVP and ITC sessions, Spirit Box sessions, dowsing rod sessions, etc.  We also dispense handouts and written material as well, that offer tips and suggestions for conducting respectful and thorough paranormal research. 

 We are also available to present at Paranormal events and conferences!!!

If you are interested in booking the SDPRS for your event or conference, please e-mail Nicole Strickland at

Paranormal Investigation Training Academy

Join paranormal investigator and researcher, Nicole Strickland, and other SDPRS members, as they share the various techniques of conducting a proper investigation. Topics include: investigation Dos and Donts, investigation protocol and stages, initial client contact/interview/report, preliminary investigation and report, investigation process, EVP/ITC and practice, audio/photo/video analysis, review and software, experimental equipment and practice, team debrief and case review, client debrief, classifications of ghosts and hauntings, spirit photography/videography, basic ghost hunter's kit, power of suggestion and bias, investigation experiments and debunking, working with psychic and demonology consultants, spiritual protection, research techniques, obtaining background research, case management process, how to deal with difficult clients, case referrals.

This SDPRS course is actually a year-long training course for SDPRS members, whether they are experienced or beginners.  This course is designed to build team unity and cohesion and to make sure that all members are on the "same page" at all times.  SDPRS also offers this course to the general public as well.

Conducting an EVP Session:  Helpful Hints and Suggestions

Nicole Strickland is quite experienced with conducting Electronic Voice Phenomena sessions and is currently the EVP Specialist for SDPRS. In this course, she shares tips, strategies and suggestions for implementing EVP sessions into the investigation. She will also discuss the Dos and Donts of an EVP session. She also talks about and shares some of her favorite EVPs that she has obtained.

Spirited Queen Mary: Paranormal Happenings aboard the Ship

Nicole offers a unique presentation about the beloved RMS Queen Mary, which braids the ship's extensive history with her ethereal side and paranormal happenings. In this exciting presentation, Nicole discusses the ship's most popular spirits; her own paranormal experiences and personal accounts; captured evidence (photo, audio, video, environmental fluctuations) of the paranormal in the ship's known hotspots, as well as discussing the various theories as to why the Mary is one of the most haunted locations on planet earth.  Nicole has presented about the Queen Mary at various conferences and events, including The San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meetup Group, Ghost Fest IV on the Queen Mary, Maritime Ghost Conference in San Diego, Troy Taylor's Haunted America West Coast Conference and at upcoming Haunted Entertainment events. 

Children and the Paranormal

In this presentation, Nicole Strickland discusses how children can be affected by paranormal phenomena. She will also discuss some key signs to look for that may suggest that a child is being affected by ghostly phenomena. Strickland also discusses the stages of child development and how children are affected by and perceive the paranormal differently in each stage of development. Also included are tips for parents and suggestions for investigators on how to effectively handle a case involving children.

How to Develop and Run a Successful Paranormal Team

Have you ever envisioned yourself running your own paranormal team? Nicole Strickland has and she shares the steps and procedures she has utilized for co-developing the San Diego Paranormal Research Society. Topics include: Standard Operating Procedures/Protocols, team mission statement, relevant forms, administration function, team members, conducting team meetings, case management, investigation permission, investigation principles, team website, etc. This course is a must for those who want to establish and run their own paranormal team. This course is designed from Nicole's latest book, Developing a Successful Paranormal Research Team:  The SDPRS Foundational Model, which is coming out in fall  of 2011.