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Join the San Diego Paranormal Research Society and the San Diego History Center as they give an in-depth look into the history and paranormal happenings at the Serra Museum and Presidio.  SDHC’S Public Programs Manager, Gabe Selak, will be on hand to discuss major historical events at the museum and Presidio and to answer questions about its history. Additionally, the SDPRS team will lead guests through the museum, showcasing a wide array of paranormal detection equipment utilized while attempting to communicate with spirits.  Guests will have the opportunity to participate in live EVP , ITC/Ovilus X and dowsing rod sessions.  Guests are encouraged to bring recording devices, cameras  and video cameras.

The Junípero Serra Museum, in Presidio Park, is one of the most familiar landmarks in San Diego. As a major symbol of the city, it stands atop the hill recognized as the site where California began. It was here in 1769 that a Spanish Franciscan missionary, Father Junípero Serra, with a group of soldiers led by Gaspar de Portolá, established Alta California’s first mission and presidio (fort).

Often confused for the Mission San Diego de Alcalá, the Serra Museum was built between 1928-1929 for the purpose of housing and showcasing the collection of the San Diego History Center (then the San Diego Historical Society), which was founded in 1928. The structure was designed by architect, William Templeton Johnson, using Spanish Revival architecture, to resemble the early missions that once dominated the landscape of Southern California. –San Diego History Center

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Gabe Selak – Public Programs Manager

P: 619-232-6203 ext 129


Nicole Strickland – Director of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society

P: (858) 395-8520


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