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The photos on this page are shown as possible spirit photographs. By showing them, I am not insisting that they are proof of spirits; I am pointing to the possibility that something anomalous is going on in the photographs, that cannot be explained by a logical standpoint.  As all investigators should, I take my evidence review seriously and meticulously. In terms of photographs, I review all aspects of the photographs and EXIF DATA thoroughly. 

RMS Queen Mary-Long Beach, California


More Ghost Photographs from the RMS Queen Mary

Matthew Schulz, paranormal investigator and founder of Paraxplorer Project...and late-night Queen Mary para-tour host, features some of the most amazing alleged spirit photographs from the RMS Queen Mary on the Paraxplorer Project website.  I am also honored to be an associate member of PXP and consider the team very dear friends of mine.  Click on the PXP banner link to be directed to the site.  Click on "Submissions" to hear audio clips and see possible spirit photographs from the ship!

Ghost Research Society

Dale Kaczmarek is one of the leading paranormal researchers in our field and President of the Ghost Research Society, which has been around since the late 1970s.  Furthermore, Dale specializes in spirit photography and has an in-depth collection of authentic versus false positive spirit photography.  Some of the images he's gathered over the years are quite compelling. If you are interested in spirit photography or photography in general and how it applies to the paranormal, make sure to read Dale's book, Field Guide to Spirit Photography: The Essential Guide to Cameras in Paranormal Research.

To view Dale's collection of spirit photography, please visit