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READ ALL ABOUT IT! New Evidence from the RMS Queen Mary

Posted by Nicole Strickland on May 8, 2011 at 8:02 PM

The Titanic Ghost Club investigates the Queen Mary former first class pool room on 12/29/10.

The Titanic Ghost Club conducted an investigation of the RMS Queen Mary’s former first class pool room on 12/29/10. The investigators present included Rob Wlodarski, Wayne and Diane Bonner, Jerry Reynolds and Nicole Strickland. All six of us have worked together on previous investigations and we tend to acquire interesting results when we all work together. We had quite a few personal experiences during this investigation and seemed to capture a great deal of possible paranormal evidence. This blog features the highlights of our investigation.

Jerry Reynolds Investigation Summary

“Shortly before 7:00 Pm The Titanic Ghost Club accompanied by hotel security proceeded to the 1st class pool of the RMS Queen Mary. We set up in the Changing Room for an EVP session led by Nicole Strickland in an attempt to contact the spirit of a young girl named Jackie. There was some interesting possible interaction utilizing a flash light that possibly the spirits present were able to manipulate and respond to various questions put to them. Nicole provided 12 EVP recordings which I reviewed and indeed it appears the voice of a young girl can been heard in several of them. Several male presences appear to have been present as well with one responding to Nicole regarding possible financial issues.”

“I have yet to review the analog recordings I made however a high definition video I recorded with a Nikon D90 camera produced a couple of interesting possible EVPs. One interesting perhaps even disturbing aspect of the EVPs provided by Nicole is that fact I heard at least three times either a man or woman calling my name. Even on the recording / video I recorded a male voice that can be heard calling my name. I am curious as to who is trying to contact me and why. It is a thought that since I am on the ship nearly 4 times a month I have become well known to any entities who frequent the various compartments of the Queen Mary such as the 1st Class Pool. I have a suspicion of who it might be calling my name but until I am certain I cannot say.”

“Once I review further video and my analog recordings I will update this document.”

Gerald S. Reynolds

Dressing Stall EVP Session

All six of us remained together for the investigation to avoid human contamination of any evidence obtained. We started our investigation in the pool’s dressing stalls and performed a lengthy EVP session. We had three IR night vision video cameras running as well as EMF and temperature meters and audio recorders. We had some interesting results with a flashlight that was used during the session. The flashslight was loosened to make it easy for the energies to turn the flashlight on and off. Needless to say, we had some interesting results, which will be explained. Our main goal was to try and make communication with Jackie, WWII soldiers and the presence of a crew member who seems to isolate himself in the dressing stalls. Many times throughout our session, the flashlight would turn on and off, especially when we asked the entities to turn it on and off for communication purposes. Jerry Reynolds captured two light anomalies during this session and made video clips of them.

First Video Clip: Male entity saying, “No”

Nicole and Jerry both caught an interesting piece of video. We were all singing “London Bridges” and you will hear a man’s voice say “no” after we are done with the first verse. All of us sensed that this male entity did not like us singing. Clip to be added.

Light Anomaly Video Clips

Jerry Reynolds captured two unique video pieces that I would like to share. In the first, you will see a light anomaly appear right after Nicole asks, “do you like to be on the ship?” The second clip shows us talking about how the flashlight turned on by itself. Nicole Strickland intuitively felt the presence of Jackie at the time of this discussion and announces that she thinks Jackie turned on the flashlight. Rob then asks Jackie to turn on the flashlight, which it does. At the same time, a light anomaly can be seen traveling and disappearing in front of the investigators.

Here are the clips:



Communication with Jackie

Jackie had a strong rapport with all the investigators present. When we sang London Bridges, Jackie seemed to respond. When I asked her if she wanted us to sing the song again, I audibly heard her say something. Upon review of my audio, it seemed that she was saying, “do it again.” After London Bridges, we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Right as we started to sing the song, an orb appears to travel from an upward to downward motion on one of the video cameras. I picked up the faint sound of a female child singing London Bridges on audio as well. Jackie also loved using the flashlight to communicate. At the exact moment we asked her to turn on the flashlight, the flashlight lit up brightly. She seemed to also be interested in moving Rob’s KII meter as well, as I saw the meter move. At one point, I also felt something touch my hand and this was during the time that Jackie was communicating to us.

Later on in the investigation, I sang a popular children’s song, which is titled “Bear Hunt.” Being a teacher, I have done this song with various children and it always seems to be a popular hit. This photo (taken by Rob Wlodarski) shows a bright orb right next to me as I am singing this song. Note that the orb indicates the height of a small child. Could this be Jackie or another child participating?

Jerry Reynolds also caught a photo of what appears to be a small child peeking around a corner and a WWII soldier near his video camera. What is interesting is that I kept sensing a child in the exact vicinity of where the child entity appears in Jerry’s photo. Jerry analyzed the photo in different sections, which is show below.

Could this be a WWII soldier?

Could this be Jackie? What is interesting is that I sensed Jackie in this exact location throughout the investigation.

Below is the photo Jerry caught of what may appear to be a small child in the bottom of the pool.

Communication with John Pedder’s Ghost?

Later on in the session, Rob Wlodarski felt as though John Pedder was present inside the dressing room area. When asked if John was in the room, the flashlight turned on. Additionally, when Rob Wlodarski asked if John Pedder was present, Nicole Strickland obtained an EVP of a male voice saying, “It’s me in here.” Also, Nicole noticed that Rob’s hands had possible grease marks; Rob had no logical explanation for the marks on his hands. Note: John Pedder is noted for applying grease marks on various people. In fact, two weeks prior to the date of this investigation, a child tourist reported seeing grease marks on her face.

The Ghost of a Former Crewman

Many investigators have reported sensing the frustrated energy of a man in the pool room’s dressing stalls. Every time that I have stepped foot inside the stalls, I have picked up on this energy. I have intuitively picked up that this entity is a former crewman who is upset at money issues; perhaps he was not paid the amount he felt he deserved when he worked on the ship. Believe it or not, I ended up getting an EVP that may suggest that my insights are correct. I asked this entity if he is upset at money issues and a male response of “yes” can be heard. We also asked him to turn on the flashlight as well for verification, so the response of “yes” may also be his response to us asking him to turn on the flashlight. Jerry Reynolds also picked up a male saying “stop” at the time I asked the above question. Jerry’s theory is that the response of “stop” indicates that he didn’t want to talk about the situation and showed frustration at my question.

Communication with WWII Soldiers

Rob Wlodarski picked up on the presence of many WWII soldiers during the investigation. At one point, Rob communicated with a German POW, who seemed to use the flashlight as a means of communication. Rob also greatly sensed the presence of a WWII soldier in the dressing stalls; he relayed that he senses this particular soldier every time he goes into the stalls. Jerry Reynolds also captured a unique photo that may contain two entities: one possibly being Jackie and the other possibly being a WWII soldier. Jerry provides detailed analysis of his photos as well.

Here are some of Nicole Strickland’s EVPs from this investigation:

1st clip: You will hear Jackie say what sounds like “Come and Play.” (obtained in general pool area)

2nd clip: This clip highlights the male entity saying “yes” after I ask about money issues. (obtained in dressing stalls)

3rd clip: In this clip, Nicole says “Jacqueline” followed by a disembodied child saying what sounds like “Jacqueline.” There were no children in the pool or outside of the pool during this investigation. (obtained in general pool area)

4th clip: Rob Wlodarski reported that his little plastic ball rolled into the bottom of the pool by itself. He was sitting near the giant scale at the time it rolled into the pool. In this clip, you will hear a small child, which was captured at the exact time he noticed the ball in the pool. (obtained in general pool area)

5th clip: This is the 4th clip REVERSED. (obtained in general pool area)

6th clip: This clip occurred when Rob Wlodarski sensed John Pedder in the dressing stalls with all of us. You will hear Rob ask if John is present and you will hear a response of “It’s me in here.” (obtained in dressing stalls)

7th clip: My name being called. Listen at 4-5 seconds. Note: I have three different clips with my name being called as well. One of my theories is that since I visit the ship quite often, some of the entities may know me. (obtained in general pool area)

The Titanic Ghost Club will be holding subsequent investigations in the months to come. I really enjoy working with this team of investigators and look forward to working with them on future projects. Please stay tuned for additions to this blog.

Please see photo gallery page for photos.

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