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ARTICLE: An Introduction to Electronic Voice Phenomena: Basic Information and Helpful Suggestions

Posted by Nicole Strickland on May 8, 2011 at 8:06 PM Comments comments (0)

Introduction to Electronic Voice Phenomena

One of the most common techniques that paranormal investigators employ when conducting investigations is the use of Electronic Voice Phenomena or E.V.P. E.V.P. is a common phenomenon in the paranormal world where by voices or sounds are picked up on analog/digital voice recorders, but not heard at the time of actual recording. Thus, sounds and/or voices are only heard upon playback of recordings. A tape recorder or digital voice recorder is the most common device for obtaining E.V.P. However, voices and/or sounds have been known to appear on answering machines, radios and cell phones from time to time. Some of the most common sounds documented, consist of knocking, banging, tapping, rapping, footsteps and other non-verbal noises. Voices can range from a minute whisper all the way to a recognizable word or phrase. Personally, I integrate the use of Electronic Voice Phenomena in most of the investigations that I participate in.

The two methods of E.V.P. that I integrate while investigating the paranormal realm are active and passive E.V.P. Active E.V.P. entails the investigator asking questions to the spirit world, in hopes of receiving a response. The questions are usually in a YES/NO format, because it may be easier for the entity to respond in a one-word fashion. The other method of E.V.P. is known as passive, where the investigator sets his or her recorder down and lets it continuously trace voices or sounds. In my opinion, I personally like to use active E.V.P. more often, simply because I enjoy my attempts at communicating to the spirit world. However, both methods can prove successful at picking up voices and/or sounds.

There are different theories for and classifications of Electronic Voice Phenomena. Telekinesis is one of the main theories of how Electronic Voice Phenomena works. Telekinesis or T.K. is basically the ability of the mind to influence a physical object. Thus, there seems to be some speculation that an entity's energy can manipulate the investigator's recording device, thereby producing audible voices or sounds. E.V.P. can be classified into four main categories: Class A, Class B, Class C and Class R. The following is a detailed explanation of the four different modules.

Class A: An identifiable word or phrase loud enough to be heard without the aid of headphones.

Class B: A word or phrase that may not be recognizable by every investigator, but heard without the use of headphones.

Class C: A word or phrase that is not identifiable and needs to be perceived with the use of headphones.

Class R: Words or phrases that can be understood when audio is played back in reverse.

It is very important that investigators are knowledgeable of the various theories of E.V.P., as well as being able to differentiate between the three categories of E.V.P. Researchers are studying this phenomenon in hopes to better comprehend why and how it exists. In my opinion, knowledge leads to a greater understanding of and appreciation for the cosmic world of the paranormal.

The Electronic Voice Phenomena Session

Paranormal investigators should be mandated to have a well-rounded understanding of E.V.P., as well as the techniques for conducting a successful session while investigating. It is highly imperative that researchers are in a positive frame of mind while carrying out an E.V.P. session. Additionally, investigators should become familiar with the environment and location of where the session will take place. Furthermore, it is imperative to have good nutrition and adequate sleep before partaking in an investigation. It is a good idea to always allow a minimum of two seconds in between questions because it may take entities a little longer to generate a response. I commonly allow five to ten seconds or more in between questions. It is vital that investigators never whisper or never talk in a low voice while the E.V.P. session is taking place. The following are techniques and suggestions for administering an E.V.P. meeting. Note: The following more or less applies to active E.V.P. sessions.


State investigator's name, location, date, time of day, atmospheric conditions, number of people present, lighting conditions, temperature conditions, etc.

Introduce person or persons conducting E.V.P.

Ask permission to speak to entities and let them know that you are not harming them in any way. Your intention is to get to know them and to communicate with them.

Tell the entities that you will respect them and ask for respect from them as well. Follow the basic Golden Rule.

It is a good idea to document sounds that may originate from investigators present to differentiate between human and entity sounds.

Document different levels of investigator voices, coughing and footprints, etc.

NEVER whisper or talk in a low voice.


Again, you can introduce person(s) conducting E.V.P. sessions.

Again, tell the entities that you will respect them and ask for respect in return.

Tell the entities that you have a recorder, which records sounds and voices. Thus, let them know that they are free to talk and/or make noise into the device.

Start E.V.P. session by asking some common YES/NO questions. The following are some questions that I commonly ask. NOTE: Not all of the following questions have to be asked in the same session.

Is there anyone here who would like to talk to me?

If you would like to communicate, can you show me a sign of your presence?

Can you tell me how old you are?

Did you live or work here?

Did you die here?

Are there any children here that would like to talk to me?

If you don't want to talk, can you make a loud noise for me? If you do want to make a noise, can you knock or bang or tap?

Can you make loud footsteps for me?

Can you please show yourself to me and/or other investigators?

Are you afraid? Are you scared? Are you sad? Are you happy? Are you angry? Are you shy? Are you bothered? Etc… any questions pertaining to emotions.

Do you miss your family and/or friends?

Do you like being here in this location?

Would you like to leave? Thus, would you like help?

Are you bothered or upset that I am asking you questions?

If so, can you please tell me so?

Do you mind that I am talking to you and asking you questions?

Is there anything else that I should know?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell me?

If so, can you please tell me now?

Some questions might not include YES/NO questions. YES/NO questions are commonly asked because it may be easier for the ghost or spirit to answer in a YES/NO format. NON YES/NO questions might include: (not necessarily in this order)

What happened to you?

What is your name(s)?

Are you male or female?

What would you like me to do?

How would you like me to help you?

Where do you want to go?

When did you die?

Where did you die?

How did you die?

Where are you from?

Where do you live?

When were you born?

What job do you have?

What do you like to do?

What year is it?

Who is the president of The United States?

What are you wearing?

Ask pertaining questions to entity you are trying to reach, if he/she is popularly known for doing something in particular (dancing, holding a teddy bear, swimming, singing, holding a high position, etc.)

For example: If I was trying to communicate to the little female ghost aboard the Queen Mary who is seen holding a teddy bear, then I would also include some questions, such as:

What is your teddy bear's name?

Where did you get your teddy bear?

Who gave you your teddy bear?

Do you like to cuddle with your teddy bear?

Do you have other stuffed animals?

Do you miss your mommy and daddy?

Did you travel with your mommy and daddy on the ship?

What grade are you in?

It is a good idea to ask questions that cater to the entity that you are trying to get in touch with. For example, if you are trying to communicate to the little female child ghost aboard the Queen Mary, who likes to sing "Ring around the Rosy," you can ask some questions about the song.

Can you please sing for me?

What is your favorite song?

Can you sing Ring around the Rosy for me?

Would you like to sing it together?

Do you sing other songs?


Thank the entity(ies) for participating with you.

Let them know that you are going to listen to the recordings entirely.

Make sure you are rested and have good nutrition before reviewing data.

Set time aside for data review. I like to do thirty minute intervals with a five minute break in between.

Have note pad, pen and clock handy.

Document any unusual results.

Enhance or edit results if necessary.

Share results among fellow investigators. Note: try to prevent investigator bias when reviewing data.

Share results with owner or manager of location investigated.

Allow for some creativity when doing E.V.P. sessions or when investigating in general. For example, invite entities to join in a picture with you as you are simultaneously conducting the E.V.P. meeting. After all, the majority of the ones you are trying to reach were people just like you and me. Thus, talking to them as you would a family member or friend might prove beneficial in your results. Spirits not only learn from investigators, but investigators can learn from the spirits as well. Always be respectful and courteous and follow The Golden Rule. Happy Ghosting!

There are many resources available for studying and learning about Electronic Voice Phenomena. The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena, or AA-EVP, website includes invaluable information and resources about this phenomenon. In addition, other common and reputable paranormal websites also detail information about E.V.P. In my opinion, it is important to also be well-read about the paranormal world. The following is a list of some of the respectable books about Electronic Voice Phenomena and the paranormal field, which can also be found on the AA-EVP website. You can find out more about these and other readings and resources on the AA-EVP website.

The Ghost of 29 Megacycles by John G. Fuller

The Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death by Grant and Jane Solomon in conjunction with The Scole Experimental Group

ITC Journal 2004 Conference Proceedings

Voices From the Tapes: Recordings from the Other World by Peter Bander

Phone Calls From The Dead by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless

Surviving Death, Evidence of the Afterlife by Geoff Viney

Voices of The Dead—Radio Broadcast, Psychokinetic Power—Or Messages From Beyond the Grave…? by Susy Smith

Handbook of Psychic Discoveries by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

Talks with The Dead by William Addams Welch

After We Die, What Then? by George Meek

Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead by Konstantin Raudive

Every Place I go is Haunted by Richard L. Smith

The Dead Are Alive by Harold Sherman

Conversations Beyond the Light by Dr. Pat Kubis and Mark Macy in association with Continuing Life Research

Miracles in the Storm by Mark H. Macy

Contact the Other Side, Seven Methods for Afterlife Communications by Konstantinos

Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson

True Experiences in Communicating With The Dead edited by Martin Ebon

True Hauntings, Spirits with a Purpose by Hazel M. Denning, Ph.D.

Evidence from Beyond, An Insider's Guide to the Wonders of Heaven—and life in the New Millennium by Ruth Taylor

Voices of Eternity by Sarah Estep

I'm Still Here by Martha Copeland

Roads to Eternity by Sarah Estep

There is No Death and There are No Dead by Tom and Lisa Butl


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Recommended Books for EVP and Related Subjects. Retrieved February 2,

2008, from

Written by Nicole Strickland

READ ALL ABOUT IT! New Evidence from the RMS Queen Mary

Posted by Nicole Strickland on May 8, 2011 at 8:02 PM Comments comments (0)

The Titanic Ghost Club investigates the Queen Mary former first class pool room on 12/29/10.

The Titanic Ghost Club conducted an investigation of the RMS Queen Mary’s former first class pool room on 12/29/10. The investigators present included Rob Wlodarski, Wayne and Diane Bonner, Jerry Reynolds and Nicole Strickland. All six of us have worked together on previous investigations and we tend to acquire interesting results when we all work together. We had quite a few personal experiences during this investigation and seemed to capture a great deal of possible paranormal evidence. This blog features the highlights of our investigation.

Jerry Reynolds Investigation Summary

“Shortly before 7:00 Pm The Titanic Ghost Club accompanied by hotel security proceeded to the 1st class pool of the RMS Queen Mary. We set up in the Changing Room for an EVP session led by Nicole Strickland in an attempt to contact the spirit of a young girl named Jackie. There was some interesting possible interaction utilizing a flash light that possibly the spirits present were able to manipulate and respond to various questions put to them. Nicole provided 12 EVP recordings which I reviewed and indeed it appears the voice of a young girl can been heard in several of them. Several male presences appear to have been present as well with one responding to Nicole regarding possible financial issues.”

“I have yet to review the analog recordings I made however a high definition video I recorded with a Nikon D90 camera produced a couple of interesting possible EVPs. One interesting perhaps even disturbing aspect of the EVPs provided by Nicole is that fact I heard at least three times either a man or woman calling my name. Even on the recording / video I recorded a male voice that can be heard calling my name. I am curious as to who is trying to contact me and why. It is a thought that since I am on the ship nearly 4 times a month I have become well known to any entities who frequent the various compartments of the Queen Mary such as the 1st Class Pool. I have a suspicion of who it might be calling my name but until I am certain I cannot say.”

“Once I review further video and my analog recordings I will update this document.”

Gerald S. Reynolds

Dressing Stall EVP Session

All six of us remained together for the investigation to avoid human contamination of any evidence obtained. We started our investigation in the pool’s dressing stalls and performed a lengthy EVP session. We had three IR night vision video cameras running as well as EMF and temperature meters and audio recorders. We had some interesting results with a flashlight that was used during the session. The flashslight was loosened to make it easy for the energies to turn the flashlight on and off. Needless to say, we had some interesting results, which will be explained. Our main goal was to try and make communication with Jackie, WWII soldiers and the presence of a crew member who seems to isolate himself in the dressing stalls. Many times throughout our session, the flashlight would turn on and off, especially when we asked the entities to turn it on and off for communication purposes. Jerry Reynolds captured two light anomalies during this session and made video clips of them.

First Video Clip: Male entity saying, “No”

Nicole and Jerry both caught an interesting piece of video. We were all singing “London Bridges” and you will hear a man’s voice say “no” after we are done with the first verse. All of us sensed that this male entity did not like us singing. Clip to be added.

Light Anomaly Video Clips

Jerry Reynolds captured two unique video pieces that I would like to share. In the first, you will see a light anomaly appear right after Nicole asks, “do you like to be on the ship?” The second clip shows us talking about how the flashlight turned on by itself. Nicole Strickland intuitively felt the presence of Jackie at the time of this discussion and announces that she thinks Jackie turned on the flashlight. Rob then asks Jackie to turn on the flashlight, which it does. At the same time, a light anomaly can be seen traveling and disappearing in front of the investigators.

Here are the clips:



Communication with Jackie

Jackie had a strong rapport with all the investigators present. When we sang London Bridges, Jackie seemed to respond. When I asked her if she wanted us to sing the song again, I audibly heard her say something. Upon review of my audio, it seemed that she was saying, “do it again.” After London Bridges, we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Right as we started to sing the song, an orb appears to travel from an upward to downward motion on one of the video cameras. I picked up the faint sound of a female child singing London Bridges on audio as well. Jackie also loved using the flashlight to communicate. At the exact moment we asked her to turn on the flashlight, the flashlight lit up brightly. She seemed to also be interested in moving Rob’s KII meter as well, as I saw the meter move. At one point, I also felt something touch my hand and this was during the time that Jackie was communicating to us.

Later on in the investigation, I sang a popular children’s song, which is titled “Bear Hunt.” Being a teacher, I have done this song with various children and it always seems to be a popular hit. This photo (taken by Rob Wlodarski) shows a bright orb right next to me as I am singing this song. Note that the orb indicates the height of a small child. Could this be Jackie or another child participating?

Jerry Reynolds also caught a photo of what appears to be a small child peeking around a corner and a WWII soldier near his video camera. What is interesting is that I kept sensing a child in the exact vicinity of where the child entity appears in Jerry’s photo. Jerry analyzed the photo in different sections, which is show below.

Could this be a WWII soldier?

Could this be Jackie? What is interesting is that I sensed Jackie in this exact location throughout the investigation.

Below is the photo Jerry caught of what may appear to be a small child in the bottom of the pool.

Communication with John Pedder’s Ghost?

Later on in the session, Rob Wlodarski felt as though John Pedder was present inside the dressing room area. When asked if John was in the room, the flashlight turned on. Additionally, when Rob Wlodarski asked if John Pedder was present, Nicole Strickland obtained an EVP of a male voice saying, “It’s me in here.” Also, Nicole noticed that Rob’s hands had possible grease marks; Rob had no logical explanation for the marks on his hands. Note: John Pedder is noted for applying grease marks on various people. In fact, two weeks prior to the date of this investigation, a child tourist reported seeing grease marks on her face.

The Ghost of a Former Crewman

Many investigators have reported sensing the frustrated energy of a man in the pool room’s dressing stalls. Every time that I have stepped foot inside the stalls, I have picked up on this energy. I have intuitively picked up that this entity is a former crewman who is upset at money issues; perhaps he was not paid the amount he felt he deserved when he worked on the ship. Believe it or not, I ended up getting an EVP that may suggest that my insights are correct. I asked this entity if he is upset at money issues and a male response of “yes” can be heard. We also asked him to turn on the flashlight as well for verification, so the response of “yes” may also be his response to us asking him to turn on the flashlight. Jerry Reynolds also picked up a male saying “stop” at the time I asked the above question. Jerry’s theory is that the response of “stop” indicates that he didn’t want to talk about the situation and showed frustration at my question.

Communication with WWII Soldiers

Rob Wlodarski picked up on the presence of many WWII soldiers during the investigation. At one point, Rob communicated with a German POW, who seemed to use the flashlight as a means of communication. Rob also greatly sensed the presence of a WWII soldier in the dressing stalls; he relayed that he senses this particular soldier every time he goes into the stalls. Jerry Reynolds also captured a unique photo that may contain two entities: one possibly being Jackie and the other possibly being a WWII soldier. Jerry provides detailed analysis of his photos as well.

Here are some of Nicole Strickland’s EVPs from this investigation:

1st clip: You will hear Jackie say what sounds like “Come and Play.” (obtained in general pool area)

2nd clip: This clip highlights the male entity saying “yes” after I ask about money issues. (obtained in dressing stalls)

3rd clip: In this clip, Nicole says “Jacqueline” followed by a disembodied child saying what sounds like “Jacqueline.” There were no children in the pool or outside of the pool during this investigation. (obtained in general pool area)

4th clip: Rob Wlodarski reported that his little plastic ball rolled into the bottom of the pool by itself. He was sitting near the giant scale at the time it rolled into the pool. In this clip, you will hear a small child, which was captured at the exact time he noticed the ball in the pool. (obtained in general pool area)

5th clip: This is the 4th clip REVERSED. (obtained in general pool area)

6th clip: This clip occurred when Rob Wlodarski sensed John Pedder in the dressing stalls with all of us. You will hear Rob ask if John is present and you will hear a response of “It’s me in here.” (obtained in dressing stalls)

7th clip: My name being called. Listen at 4-5 seconds. Note: I have three different clips with my name being called as well. One of my theories is that since I visit the ship quite often, some of the entities may know me. (obtained in general pool area)

The Titanic Ghost Club will be holding subsequent investigations in the months to come. I really enjoy working with this team of investigators and look forward to working with them on future projects. Please stay tuned for additions to this blog.

Please see photo gallery page for photos.

A Frightening Experience for the San Diego Paranormal Research Society

Posted by Nicole Strickland on May 3, 2011 at 12:47 AM Comments comments (2)

Occasionally, paranormal investigators will experience unwanted occurrences during their investigation, that, by the way, have nothing to do with the spiritual energy present at the location. The San Diego Paranormal Research Society (SDPRS),, just recently investigated a business in Oceanside, California, when the business experienced an armed robbery. Yes, an armed robbery. Four police units, a K-9 unit, circling helicopters and a perpetrator that entered the business armed with a loaded gun. First, we had the business owner sign the SDPRS investigation permission form/liability waiver. We then spent about an hour setting up our equipment, taking photographs and conducting baseline EMF readings, prior to actually starting the investigation. We had two teams of three investigators and we were approximately thirty minutes into our investigation when the robbery occurred. My group was downstairs and the other group was upstairs, when a member of the other team contacted me via two-way radio, stating, “Stay where you are, this place has been robbed.” The whole team re-convened in an upstairs portion of the business, packed up our equipment and patiently waited for police to tell us when we were clear to leave the premises. We were all lucky that no one was seriously or fatally injured. This brings me to a very important point: always have your signed investigation permission slip with you at all times; know where your team is at all times and always carry two-way radios. Following these necessary protocols helped to ensure our safety that night. Now, it is extremely rare that an event of this magnitude will occur at the investigation site. However, it happened to us. Please, always be aware that unwanted events, such as this, can occur. Thus, this is a reminder to always take necessary precautions, follow team protocols, emergency protocols and safety measures when conducting an investigation.

Paranormal-Revelations: Communication with Jackie

Posted by Nicole Strickland on May 3, 2011 at 12:46 AM Comments comments (0)

The 7/17/10 RMS Queen Mary pool investigation was a memorable and unforgettable experience. The investigators present, included Rob Wlodarski, Bob Davis, myself and some members of The American Paranormal Research Association (A.P.R.A.). We had numerous personal experiences with “Jackie,” the ship’s outgoing and talkative child spirit. Each of us collectively heard Jackie communicating to us throughout the duration of the investigation. Even though I have a strong rapport with Jackie and have investigated and visited the pool room on numerous occasions, I must say that I have never heard Jackie as much as I did on 7/17/10. My colleagues and I came away with some astounding audio pieces of Jackie as she was communicating with us.

Little Jackie is a highly intelligent entity. Jackie can also be tempermental as her emotions can be sensed and heard. I have encountered Jackie singing and laughing and I have also, sadly, encountered her calling out for her mommy and daddy and saying that she wants to go home. Jackie also likes to play with another female child ghost in the pool, who is around 10-11 years-old. The EVP clip, “Where Did You Fall Off?” in my opinion, is the older girl. I have often wondered if “Jackie” is her real name or a fictitious name that she’s adopted over the years. I came away with some incredible EVPs that indicate that “Jackie” may in fact be her birth-given name. On the investigation, I asked Jackie, “Jackie, is your REAL name Jackie?” An A.P.R.A. member then proceeded to ask, “Or, is it what people call you?” About two seconds after the above questions, Jackie responds with a clear answer, “My name is Jackie.” The clip will be posted on the Queen Mary Shadows page, A few moments later, another investigator asked the question, “Jackie, is your mom’s name Jackie?” Jackie responded with an affirmative answer. Furthermore, I asked Jackie, “Jackie, what is your mom’s name?” Again, little Jackie responded with “Jackie.” These clips will also be posted on the Queen Mary Shadows page.

Does the gathering of this information prove that “Jackie” or “Jacqueline” is really this little spirit’s name? I would say that it leans more toward suggesting that “Jackie” is really her name. Or, is the name something that she has adopted over the years? In my opinion, Jackie’s highly intelligent nature suggests that she does in fact know who she is. I think her energy is intelligent enough to know what her REAL name is.

I have often pondered where little Jackie came from. Is she connected to the RMS Queen Mary in any way? Did she once sail on the Mary with her parents? Or, did she sail on the Mary after World War II ended, when the ship was utilized for transporting women and their children? Was she a stowaway? Or, was little Jackie a passenger on the Titanic on that fateful night in 1912? Did she come through to the Mary on the day the ship passed by the exact spot of the Titanic’s demise?

These are all questions that I have asked myself. However, despite all of these questions, I do feel strongly that Jackie is in someway connected to the RMS Queen Mary. There are no forensic records suggesting that a small female child died in either the first class or second class pool. The ship carried scores of men, women and children during her years sailing the waters. Thus, the possibility exists, that Jackie had a fatal accident on the ship, at least in my mind. In fact, the late renowned psychic and RMS Queen Mary paranormal investigator, Peter James, felt that Jackie did have a fatal accident on the ship.

This brings me to say that history and the paranormal are relatives with a dear kinship. One cannot separate history and the paranormal. In many ways, Jackie, knowingly or unknowingly, provides us with an insight into the Mary’s rich history. This can be said of all the resident RMS Queen Mary ghosts and specters.

If it is true that Jackie met her demise while traveling on the Mary, why is her ghost still present? Is it because she chooses to stay? Or, is it because something is keeping her here? I strongly feel that she won’t move on until she finds her mom and dad. Thus, from her perspective, she thinks that her parents are still on the ship. Are the ghosts of her mom and dad on the ship? If so, has she seen them? Does she see the ship as it is today or from her time period? There are so many questions that myself and my colleagues have as to Jackie’s existence. I feel that the paranormal documentation we acquire, will lead us closer to solving the mysterious puzzle of why Jackie haunts the ship.

In my heart, I do feel that Jackie will be able to leave the confines of the ship one day and finally find “home” and her parents. It is my sincere hope that I will one day step onto the Mary and know that Jackie finally found her way “home.” When that day occurs, I will smile and shed tears of joy.

Paranormal-Revelations: Sparks of Healing after 9/11

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The following experience that I am about to share with you occurred two months after one of our world’s most devastating and heart-wrenching tragedies: the day of 9/11/01. I have shared this experience with only a few people thus far. However, the time has come for me to share it with others as well. I believe that what I am about to share with you speaks of the concept of universal consciousness and that the soul is eternal. I do want you to know that the personal experience that I am about to share with you allowed the sparks of healing to take place for me after the tragedy. The following is shared with you from my heart and soul.

In July of 2001, my mom and I traveled to New York City for a summer vacation. Both her and I enjoyed our annual summer trips to the Big Apple. One day, we decided to take a scenic ferry boat ride over to New Jersey just for the fun of it. Once we arrived in New Jersey, we sat on a bench and enjoyed the beautiful NYC skyline. The twin towers were standing tall and proud in the distance; however, just two short months later would prove to be the time of their demise. The innocence of that day was foreshadowed by the tragedy that would soon occur. On our annual trips to NYC, my mom and I would always visit the twin towers and dine at the amazing Windows on the World restaurant and walk around in the shops located on the ground floor. However, on our July trip, we ended up not going to the towers. Part of me wishes that I had because it would have been my last time visiting them. Then, part of me is glad that I ended up not going because it would have made that fateful September day that much harder to endure. When I travel to New York City today, I may not be able to visibly see those majestic buildings shine over the Hudson; however, the vision of them in my memory will be forever present.

I had just graduated from college at the University of Arizona and was living at home when the events of 9/11 occurred. My mom came upstairs and woke me up, saying, “two planes crashed into the towers.” I was still half-asleep and I could not comprehend what she was saying. I immediately turned on my television and horrifyingly watched LIVE the second tower collapse and tumble to the ground. This sight will be forever etched in my mind.

Two months after 9/11, I attended a wedding in Anaheim, California. After the wedding, Scottish Bagpipers led everyone to the reception hall; a scene that resembled the many funeral processions in NYC streets for those NYFD and NYPD personnel that heroically sacrificed their lives.

A few days after the wedding, I was watching a TV program that was all about the last messages given to loved ones, from those who perished. After watching this program, my grief was overwhelming, so I decided to relax in a hot tub. In the hot tub, I prayed for those who lost their lives and told them that it was my sincere hope that they are “okay” and ” at peace.” At that moment in the hot tub, I really wanted to receive a universal message that would tell me that they moved on and are at peace. Thus, I asked my spirit guides to help communicate my message to the departed and to ask them if they could some way or some how give me a message that they moved on to a better place and are at peace. As I rose out of the tub to dry off, I was directly staring at my alarm clock, which was on my head board. It was at that moment that I thought to myself and said these words to myself, “That would be awesome if they could give me a message that they’re okay and at peace through my alarm clock.” I then thought, “yeah, like that would really happen…wishful thinking.” I proceeded to get ready for bed. Once I was in bed, I shed a few more tears of grief and again, said another prayer for those who lost their lives on 9/11.

The following day, I felt that I was getting a cold, so I didn’t end up doing much. In the evening, the movie “Goonies” was on television, so I decided to lay on the couch and watch it. About half way through the movie, at 8:00 p.m., I decided to go to bed. I got in bed and fell asleep right away. Later, I woke up and it was as if a force turned me over on my side to see what I was about to see. When I woke up at that moment, I did not consciously want to turn over, it was as if my body was being led to do so. At the exact moment that I turned over, my eyes met my alarm clock, which displayed 9:11 p.m. I cannot possibly describe in words, what feelings went through my body at this exact moment. All I can say, is that I had this overwhelming sense of peace and comfort at the time my eyes met those numbers. It was a completely surreal experience in a way. I truly believe that I was given the universal message that I asked for. It was a gift that I will never forget. It was this universal message that allowed the sparks of healing to take place. This experience also allowed me to have more faith and trust in the concept of universal consciousness.

Just like the words, “We will never forget”, this experience is something that, “I will never forget.”

SDPRS Investigates the Star of India

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The San Diego Paranormal Research Society recently investigated the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town, San Diego. The investigation took place on 10/23/10 and the team came away with some interesting evidence. Quite possibly, the full moon and geomagnetic field storm contributed to our capturing some evidence of the paranormal. Unfortunately, we did not have access to some of the other hotel rooms as they were occupied. So, we concentrated our investigation in Room 11, the downstairs Parlor, Dining Room and Wine Room.

The SDPRS team rented out the very haunted room 11 of the hotel. We arrived early on Saturday, around 1:00 p.m., to get situated and settled in the room. We all had a very relaxing afternoon in Old Town and some good eats at the very popular Casa Guadalajara, located on the corner of Taylor Street and Juan Street. After our feast of a dinner, we walked back to the Cosmopolitan to start getting ready for the night’s investigation. Our psychic medium, John, came by the hotel for about an hour or so to discuss with us some of the communication that he has made with one of the resident ghosts and to highlight some spiritual hot spots. We used the information he provided, which supplemented our EVP and ITC sessions. For example, John picked up a little boy by the name of Stefan and sure enough, I captured an EVP of a small boy saying what strongly sounded like “Stefan.”

John has been doing spiritual rescue and mediumship for well over 30 years and his insight is invaluable to the team. SDPRS blends both the intuitive approach with the scientific approach and SDPRS has many sensitives on the team, including myself. John’s skills and intuitive gift play a major role in SDPRS investigations.

We didn’t end up starting the investigation until around 11:30 p.m., because there were a few stragglers left at the restaurant’s bar, which is located in the restaurant’s courtyard. We had three teams with about 2-3 people on each team. Joy, Sarah and myself did a 30-minute EVP session in the Parlor/Dining Room. All three of us had several personal experiences, one of which was backed up by scientific evidence. We all heard disembodied sounds and saw a few unexplainable shadows throughout the session. At one point, I was intuitively picking up the ghost of a small boy, around 5 or 6. On my recorder, you hear me ask, “Is the little boy here?” A few seconds after, my recorder picked up the voice of a small boy. It was at this time that Joy saw a shadow and Sarah heard phantom movement. A couple of minutes later, I said, “You can come closer sweetie,” and a few seconds later my recorder picked up an EVP of what seemed to be the same little boy saying, “Stefan.”

Sarah also reported that she was hearing phantom piano music. Just a historical side note: The Cosmpolitan Hotel, in its hey day, was used for parties and cultural festivities. Isadora Bandini thrived herself on throwing extravagant parties and loved her piano. At one point during the session, I asked Isadora, “Did you throw parties in here?” I captured an EVP of a female saying, “yes.” It proved to be a very interesting session.

Later on, Joy, Sarah and myself met up with Charlie, Delia and an observer of our investigation. We decided to do a video-taped ITC session in the wine room, which was originally used as the Bandini kitchen. We had some very interesting experiences and results. On a consistent basis, all of us reported cold spots and varying intensity of energy coming through. Some of us even reported intermittent headaches as well.

Questions were being asked in English and Spanish. A few moments after we started the ITC session, I asked, “What is your name?” The name, “Isadora” came through. Perhaps, the most interesting and spine tingling moment of the night came when the radio mysteriously stopped scanning and landed on Native American chanting. Do we feel that this chanting was actual Native American spirits? Not necessarily. We feel that this chanting was on a particular radio station and something purposely stopped the radio scanning to land on the radio station with the chanting, thus, wanting to let us know of a Native American connection. We are currently in the process of having the chanting professionally translated. The Casa de Bandini and Cosmopolitan Hotel had a strong Native American connection. Later on in the session, I asked, “what was this room used for?” “La Cocina” came through. Toward the end of the ITC session, Delia asked, “Can you please stop the radio?” as in stop it from scanning and it did mysteriously stop.

Later on, we were all back in the Parlor and we heard the sound of phantom child laughter. It was 1:00 a.m. and we confirmed that no children were directly outside or in the restaurant at the time. The sound of the laughter almost sounded like it wasn’t from this dimension, that it came from far away. Interestingly, about 15 seconds or so after we heard this disembodied laughter, I captured an EVP of a small child saying, what sounds like “happy.” I do feel that the laughter and the EVP were some how connected.

Audrey and Maria had some interesting experiences in Room 11. Maria caught some interesting audio clips as well, which included, “Larry,” “cry for help or pray for me,” “John,” and “I love you,” which occured twice. Since John communicated with Isadora Bandini, I wonder if that was her ghostly voice saying, “John?”

These are just some of the highlights of our investigation. SDPRS will hold subsequent investigations at the Cosmpolitan in the months to come. Below is a historical artlicle of the hotel, which is available online at the Cosmopolitan Hotel website

SDPRS Investigates the Star of India

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SDPRS investigated the Star of India, which is located in San Diego, California. Formerly known as the Euterpe, the Star has quite a history and sailed around the world 21 times. We were very excited to investigate this historic gem and look forward to subsequent investigations on the Star in the months to come. Here are some of our highlights from the investigation.

We started our investigation on the main deck, which consisted of the dining area and crew quarters. We set up our equipment and started conducting an EVP session. During our session, we heard heavy footsteps above us on the Poop Deck. No, that isn’t a typo! Since we were the only ones on the ship, there was no explanation for the footsteps. One of our investigators went upstairs to try and recreate the footsteps and match what we heard. We determined that what we heard was the ghostly sounds of someone running up above. We also had an interesting situation with one of the lights hanging above the dining room table. There are two identical hanging lights above the table and one of them seemed to sway intermittently throughout our stay on the main deck. The ship is docked and was not rocking all that much that night. Plus, if the swaying was due to the gently rocking of the ship, then both lights would have swayed. We examined both lights and we could not come up with any logical reason as to why the one light would sway and stop and sway and stop. We are not saying that this phenomenon was paranormal, but we simply couldn’t figure out why it was doing that. One of our tech specialists thoroughly examined the lights and he couldn’t come up with an answer either. A possible theory is that the intermittent swaying was some sort of residual activity during the ship’s sailing days.

We ended up catching a heart-wrenching EVP in the dining room area, which will be posted at the end of this blog. You will hear a distinct “help me” over the rest of us talking. Captain William Storry was the first captain to command the Star of India, and his ghost is said to remain on the ship. At one point, I asked if William Storry was present with us and I heard a whisper of “yes.”

Later on as the group did an EVP session in the galley, we all smelled the phantom smell of bread, which is actually a common claim reported by many people who have visited the ship. The smell emanated from the galley itself and would come and go. At one point, some of the jars on one of the shelves in back of me rattled and moved on their own volition.

We all had some personal experiences on the tween deck, which is one of the most active decks for paranormal occurrences. All of us reported hearing the faint sound of a female throughout our time on the tween deck. We also had some EMF spikes on both the Mel 8704 meter and the Tri-field meter. And, again, we heard the phantom footsteps above us, which sounded like a few people running above. We were able to capture these on audio, which will be posted at the end of this blog. I also heard a child saying what sounded like “mommy.” Could this child be one of the many children who traveled on the Star many years ago?

Toward the end of our investigation, we were all situated on the lowest deck doing yet another EVP session when we all heard what sounded like something dragging across the deck from the bow side of the ship. We were situated on the stern side. We investigated and moved various items to try and recreate the sound. We were able to determine that what we heard was a particular stool moving across the deck. But, who did it? It was none of us… At one point, we were talking about the bottom of the ship and upon review of my audio, I captured a male entity saying the word, “down.”

We also investigated the chain locker where a tragic incident took place many years ago. A young crewman was crushed to death by the chains and his ghost is said to remain on the ship. I am an empath and when I went inside the vicinity of the chain locker, I was met with the immediate emotions of intense fear and panic! Was I sensing this crewman’s feelings as he was breathing his last breaths? I also felt a crushing in my chest as well. We also had distinct EMF spikes and temperature drops in this area as well.